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Preserving the Babassu Forest

Interstate Association of the Movement of Women Babassu Coconut Breakers (AMIQCB)

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Total project value
R$ 9,222,739.00
Total support amount
US$ 2,777,933.43
organization type
Third Sector
Sustainable production



Support the operation of the Babassu Fund for the selection and support of socioenvironmental projects of agro-extractive organizations in the states of Maranhão, Tocantins and Pará, associated with actions to develop skills, provide technical support and strengthen associativism through public calls of projects approved by BNDES


Traditional communities of babassu coconut breakers

Territorial scope

States of Maranhão (37 municipalities), Tocantins (16 municipalities) and Pará (6 municipalities)



The collection and cracking of the babassu coconut, which by its own form of social organization, use of territories and practices transmitted from generation to generation, characterize women who historically perform this economic activity as a "traditional community". The breakers work daily for the conservation and democratization of the access to natural resources, placing the culture of the babassu as an alternative to the practices of deforestation, burning and illegal occupation of public areas.

The Interstate Association of the Movement of Women Babassu Coconut Breakers has as its origin the union, from 1991, of these groups of women babassu coconut breakers, and was formalized as an association in 2002. The organization aims, in short, to preserve the (babassu areas) forest, generate productive income from family agro-extrativism and improve the living conditions of the families of babassu coconut breakers, as well as spread the knowledge of their rights.

The mobilization of the coconut breakers contributes directly to the recognition of the coconut breaker's way of life, to develop capacities and promote entrepreneurship among these women and to strength their organization, promoting reflection on gender issues in their communities and the building of joint solutions to their main problems.


The project "Preserving the Babassu Forest" aims to contribute to the protection of native babassu forests and the improvement of the living conditions of the agro-extractivist families. The territorial scope of the project corresponds to 59 municipalities in the states of Pará, Tocantins and Maranhão. In a large part of this area, the forest environment of the babassu areas, intermingled with other agro-extractivist activities, represents the only formation with remaining native forest species.

The main component of the project is the strengthening of the Babassu Fund’s performance, created by AMIQCB in 2012. R$ 2,000,000.00 will be allocated to this fund in order to announce two public calls for the selection of socio-environmental projects of agro-extractivist communities.

In addition to the projects to be supported by the Babassu Fund, the "Preserving the Babassu Forest” project has a component that focuses on the promotion of community organization processes in the territory covered by the project. Meetings and exchanges will be held in order to foster dialogue, reflection and collective solutions building to the existing problems. With such actions, it is expected to guarantee transparency and wide participation of the target public of the project and to raise demands that can generate community initiatives to be supported by the Babassu Fund. It is also planned to design a Training Center in Socio-Environmental Projects and the realization of six classes to train a total of 150 women and young people among the target audience of AMIQCB. 


This project falls under the “Sustainable Production” (1) component of the logical framework of the Amazon Fund.

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Date of approval 12.27.2017
Date of the contract 04.05.2018
Estimated completion date 68 months (from the date the contract was signed)


date amount
1º disbursements 08.29.2018 R$1,497,760.00
2º disbursements 09.19.2022 R$3,131,644.39
Total amount disbursed R$4,629,404.39

Total amount disbursed in relation to the Amazon Fund’s support



A structure was created for managing and executing the project activities, including hiring personnel, purchasing vehicles and computer equipment.

Two meetings of the Babassu Fund Managing Committee, a workshop for strategic planning of the planned training center and visits to partner organizations already supported by the Amazon Fund to exchange experiences in management and accountability tools in social and environmental projects were held. As a result, the draft notice for the first selection of projects to be supported by the Babassu Fund, the pedagogical plan of the training center, the communication plan, the project’s monitoring and evaluation plan and guiding documents for managing and operationalizing the Babassu Fund and the project as a whole were prepared.

The budget and operational plan of FB and the balance of activities for accountability to the beneficiary's associates were also prepared and updated.

Promoting and awareness-raising activities for the target audience were also conducted.

Final Evaluation


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