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Prevfogo / Ibama

Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (Ibama)

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Total project value
R$ 14,717,270.00
Total support amount
US$ 6,252,557.57



To physically and operationally provide support to structure the PREVFOGO programme, and the environmental education to raise awareness and train locals to monitor, prevent and combat forest fires and unauthorized burn-offs in the Amazon biome


The population in the Amazon biome

Territorial scope

Mainly the Amazon biome, however by strengthening the logistics center at the National Center to Prevent and Combat Forest Fires (PREVFOGO) in Brasília



There is a strong perception that economic, environmental and social losses are related to forest fires and burn-offs, whether they are illegal or not. It is possible, for example, to cite those related to the declining forest coverage; to the loss of biodiversity; to the destruction of soil; to over-sedimentation of waterways; to the health of populations affected by the smoke and fallout produced; to the fall in the safety of aerial operations. Besides this, there is the aspect related to greenhouse gas emissions (GGE), which contribute to global warming and climate change.

The National Center to Prevent and Combat Forest fires (PREVFOGO) is the main federal structure in the country making efforts both to directly combat forest fires and unauthorized burn-offs, as well as to induce a change in the culture related to the use of fire in farming. Every year, PREVFOGO selects and hires temporary fire brigades with the aim, among other intentions, to establish a routine inspection to inhibit the use on unauthorized burn-offs and collect local information to help design operative plans to prevent and combat fires and unauthorized burn-offs.

An important part of PREVFOGO’S strategy refers to dialogue with other institutions involved in solving the problem, such as the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), the Chico Mendes Institute for Conserving Biodiversity (ICMBio), the National Institute of Colonization and Agrarian Reform (INCRA), and the National Indigenous Foundation (FUNAI), among other state entities.


The project is aimed at physically and operationally structuring PREVFOGO and fostering environmental education to raise awareness and train locals to monitor, prevent and combat forest fires and unauthorized burn-offs in the Amazon Biome.

The project includes supplying infrastructure, such as equipment, tools and vehicles to help monitor and combat fires and unauthorized burn-offs. Also planned is the construction of a logistics and support center for the PREVFOGO in Brasília to foster information-sharing between several federal and state entities, with the purpose of designing strategies, targets and plans of action to combat fire in forest areas. The project will also enable PREVFOGO to reinforce efforts towards environmental education, aimed at informing rural producers and the general population about the correct use of fire.


The project is part of the "Monitoring and Control" (2) component of the Amazon Fund’s Logical Framework. 

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Date of approval 12.30.2013
Date of the contract 06.05.2014
Date of conclusion 06.06.2023
Estimated completion date 84 months (from the date the contract was signed)


date amount
1º disbursements 07.03.2014 R$4,125.59
2º disbursements 07.16.2015 R$31,200.00
3º disbursements 09.17.2015 R$691,556.22
4º disbursements 05.24.2016 R$140,990.00
5º disbursements 08.26.2016 R$1,118,622.00
6º disbursements 04.19.2017 R$2,729,128.00
7º disbursements 05.24.2018 R$7,005,657.00
8º disbursements 09.04.2020 R$2,995,991.19
9º disbursements 09.09.2022 -R$116,946.37
Total amount disbursed R$14,600,323.63

Total amount disbursed in relation to the Amazon Fund’s support



In order to carry out integrated fire management activities in priority federal areas, such as indigenous lands and settlement projects, among others, the following were acquired: three "roadfire" trucks for transporting people and equipment; 14 adapted trucks; two adapted F4000 trucks; personal protective equipment kits; combat equipment (back pump repair kits and fire dampers); and a radio communication system, including training for use and maintenance. 

For the improvement in fire monitoring and response capacity, Prevfogo/Ibama built a two-storey building at Ibama's headquarters, which includes the following infrastructure: a  repair shop (for maintenance of Prevfogo vehicles); a warehouse room (intended for the storage of inventories of materials and equipment); an administrative area (intended for Prevfogo employees); and a situation room, aimed at holding the meetings of the Integrated Multi-Agency Center (CIMAN), which was equipped with furniture, computer equipment and software and is already being used by Prevfogo teams.

The entire structure acquired over the years by the project with the Amazon Fund is at the disposal of actions to combat forest fires and other environmental illicits.

Throughout the project, 42,171 prevention and combat activities were carried out in the federal areas covered by Ibama/Prevfogo brigades and 31,687 in the federal areas of the Legal Amazon.




Final Evaluation


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