Type of Financial Support

Non-reimbursable financing

Eligible Projects

Actions to prevent, monitor and combat deforestation, besides promoting the preservation and sustainable use of the Brazilian Amazon (or Legal Amazon).

Eligible projects should directly or indirectly contribute to reducing the deforestation of the Amazon Forest. Furthermore, up to 20% of the Fund’s disbursements may support the development of systems for monitoring and controlling deforestation in other Brazilian biomes and in biomes of other tropical countries. Projects supported by the Amazon Fund should follow the Guidelines and Criteria for Allocation of Resources and Focuses of the Amazon Fund, established by COFA, the guidelines of the Plan for Prevention and Control of Deforestation in the Legal Amazon (PPCDAM) and the National Strategy for REDD+ (ENREDD+).


Guidelines and Criteria for Allocation of Resources and Focuses in 2017 and 2018

Level of Participation

The Amazon Fund requires financial or non-financial counterpart efforts from clients.

Modalities of Projects

The projects supported by the Amazon Fund are either structuring projects or projects selected through public calls promoted directly by the Amazon Fund (BNDES) or through partner institutions. A project to be considered structuring must meet cumulatively the following criteria: (i) contribute to the implementation of a public policy; (ii) have a decisive impact to solve the problem situation and (iii) have scale in the territory (whenever the project develops its actions in the territory).

Structuring projects may be proposed by (a) federal government and its agencies; (b) state governments and its agencies; (c) private non-profit organizations or (d) companies. The criterion "have scale in the territory" will be considered as fulfilled when, for example, the project actions cover in its entirety a set of municipalities, rural settlements or protected areas, a state planning region, the surroundings of major infrastructure works etc. Definition of territorial scale must be done in accordance with the project’s characteristics and the respective public policies.

In addition to calls for projects directly promoted by the Amazon Fund (BNDES), support will be granted to partner institutions to promote public calls for projects. The partner institutions must demonstrate experience, knowledge and operational capacity to confer quality and scale to public calls, with partner institutions being understood as entities of the non-profit sector such as NGOs and the federal and state governments. The Amazon Fund is permanently open to the presentation by partner institutions of requests for financial collaboration to support public calls for projects.


The submission of projects to the Amazon Fund is done through the submission of a financial request form ("prior consultation"), through the link: https://web.bndes.gov.br/ConsultaEletronica/fundoamazonia/

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