Procedures for support requests sent to the Amazon Fund

The presentation of projects to the Amazon Fund is carried out by submitting a Previous Consultation, according to the template available at the “Information Schedule for the Previous Consultation of the Amazon Fund”.

Projects in science, technology and innovation, as well as those submitted directly by the public administration, must use specific models also available on the Amazon Fund site. The Script on Information for Previous Consultation in the Amazon Fund (Previous Consultation) was prepared with the purpose of conveying information and documents to the BNDES which are needed in order to understand a project’s objectives.

The Previous Consultation is organized and based on the characteristics and information provided by the applicant and the basic elements of the project, which – if approved – will be detailed during the analysis phase. The Previous Consultation must be completed by the applicant himself, with no help from intermediaries, and the Amazon Fund team will be available to clarify questions and provide other information.

In Module I, the Previous Consultation requests information on the applying institution, such as its history and the description of its main activities. Modules II and III seek to obtain information on the basic elements of the project, such as: the area envisaged, the contribution to reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, the involvement of traditional communities and indigenous peoples and the major issues, as well as the problems to be solved. The Module IV deals with legal aspects and additional registration information.

Previous consultations are received and assessed by the Priority Department of the BNDES’ Planning Division, which verifies the preliminary documentation and the appropriateness of the project to the guidelines and criteria applicable to the Amazon Fund (PPCDAM, PAS, COFA’s Guidelines and Criteria and Operational Policies of the BNDES for the Amazon Fund).

At this point, a preliminary assessment is also made of the applicant’s capacity to carry out the project. This includes its management capacity, its history of completed projects and its registration classification, among other aspects. At this stage, the Credit and the Environmental Division of the BNDES also give their opinion. It is up to the BNDES’ Eligibility and Credit Committee, a group comprising approximately twenty members from the Senior Administration of the institution, to decide on the eligibility of the application, i.e. whether or not this request will move to the next stage of the analysis in the application.

With the eligibility phase of the application for financial collaboration, the applicant must present the detailed project, which will then be subject to analysis by the staff of the Amazon Fund. This phase will include, among other procedures, technical visits and detailed knowledge of the project. In summary, a project submitted to the Amazon Fund must go through the following steps below, described in a descending order. 


seta fluxo6. UNDER PERSPECTIVE - The BNDES uses this level as registered proof it received the Previous Consultation until the documentation required for its assesment is made available.

5. CONSULTATION LETTER - This classification is used when the documents listed in Module IV of the Basic Script on information for Previous Consultation in the Amazon Fund is complete.

4. ELIGIBLE - The projects reaches this level when the BNDES´Eligibility and Credit Committee decides that the application for financial collaboration complies with the operational policies of the BNDES and the guidelines and criteria of the Amazon Fund.

3. UNDER ANALYSIS - At this stage, the Management Department of the Amazon Fund, which is the Amazon Fund team, begin a detailed review of the project. In the analysis, besides preparing the Matrix of Results/Logical Framework of the project and defining the corresponding indicators, a detailed assessment of its central features is carried out, such as appropriateness of foreseen disbursements and operational risk.

2. APPROVED - Once the analysis is completed, the operational department forwards the technical recommendation for financial support for the project to the BNDES´Board of Directors. Once approved, the applicant is requested to send the additional documentation required for contracting. It is also at this stage that the draft contract is drawn up and approved.

1. CONTRACTED - At this stage, after signing the contract, there are disbursements of funds in accordance with the terms of the contract signed, and thus begins the implementation of the project by the beneficiary, as well as its follow-up by the Fund´s operational team. Disbursements are made in installments, in accordance with the progress of the project, to be confirmed by the monitoring technician.