The projects must be in accordance with applicable public policies as well as the Amazon Fund's guidelines and criteria. Moreover, they should demonstrate their contribution (direct or indirect) to the decrease of deforestation and degradation. The projects´ actions must be consistent with the proposed objectives, with the budget and with the execution timeline. The implementing institution should also have managerial capacity in order to execute the project.


Amazon Fund

Position: 07.01.2016

  Number of supported projects


  Total support

R$ 1,280,931,236.03 (US$ 572,477,570.54)

  Amount disbursed

R$ 588,833,360.41 (US$ 241,664,830.69)

Following the links in the next table you can view information about the projects supported by the Amazon Fund grouped by type of project manager.

Supported Projects

Third Sector Projects

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Federal Government Projects

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States Projects

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Municipalities Projects

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Universities Projects

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International Projects

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 In the table below you can check the projects supported by the Amazon Fund that have been concluded.

Concluded Projects

Portal Seeds

Instituto Ouro Verde (IOV)

Click here

Preserving Porto dos Gaúchos

Municipality of Porto dos Gaúchos (MT)

Click here

Amazon Water Springs

Municipality of Alta Floresta (MT)

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Socio-environmental Management in Municipalities of Pará

Imazon – Instituto do Homem e Meio Ambiente

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Going Green

TNC Brasil – The Nature Conservancy do Brasil

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To view the geographical distribution of the projects supported by the Amazon Fund click here or on the following map (to magnify the map image click once again).

For information on the Amazon Fund’s project portfolio click here.

To view the canceled projects click here.