Amazon Fund at the Climate Summit in Marrakesh

BNDES team presented the results of the Amazon Fund to combat deforestation with sustainable development in the Amazon region during COP 22, held in Marrakesh, Morocco, which brought together representatives from over 190 countries. In a space dedicated to Brazil, the Bank promoted the event "The Amazon Fund as a financial instrument for REDD+: fostering sustainable development in tropical forests", with the participation of the Head of the Department of the Amazon Fund, Juliana Santiago.

The Fund was also exhibited at the Global Landscape Forum.



Amazon Fund holds the 1st Workshop of Experience Exchange between Projects of Sustainable Productive Activities

Event gathered over 100 participants, including managers and indigenous, subsistence farmers and small farmers beneficiaries


Executors and beneficiaries of projects supported by the Amazon Fund shared knowledge and experiences in a workshop of exchange between projects of sustainable productive activities, held in Rio de Janeiro on June 8 and 9. 
Issues such as transparency, governance, greater participation of women and indigenous people, financial management, innovation, empowerment of indigenous organizations, monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of the projects, formalization of partnerships, and strengthening of less structured institutions were addressed, among others. At the end of the seminar, several recommendations were discussed to, for example, optimize the capabilities of the projects, respect local cultures, and integrate even more the benefi ciaries of the project management.

Amazon Fund's Annual Report for the year 2015

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 Amazon Fund ends 2015 with 80 projects

Approved projects amount to the total financial support of R$ 1.2 billion. Disbursements amount to R$ 518 million, of which R $ 129 million (25%) this year.   

2015 Global Landscape Forum (COP 21 - Paris)










The Amazon Fund held the seminar "Amazon Fund, from results-based payment to the experiences on the ground" in the Global Landscape Forum, the main forum on forests in the conference. The event was attended by the head of the Amazon Fund, Ms. Juliana Santiago, specialists working in the region, Ms. Adriana Ramos, from the Socio-Environmental Institute (ISA), Mr. Osvaldo Stella, from the Amazon Environmental Research Institute (IPAM), Mr. Virgilio Vianna, from the Sustainable Amazon Foundation (FAS), and the researcher Ms. Amy Duchelle, from the International Center for Forestry Research (CIFOR).

Watch the video of the seminar: www.landscapes.org/amazon-fund-worlds-biggest-conservation-experiment 


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Portfolio Report
Periodical Publication of the Amazon Fund, position May 31, 2017
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Portfolio Report
Periodical Publication of the Amazon Fund, position Apr 30, 2017